Why should you do EDM? How to do EDM?
Email Direct Marketing (EDM), also known as email marketing, is a remarketing strategy implemented as emails. Enterprises send marketing messages to potential or existing consumers through email to sell, advertise or inform about promotions, to achieve the purpose of maintaining customers, strengthening customer relationships and building brand loyalty.
Why should you do EDM?1. The volume of daily emails is on the riseAccording to publicly available data, approximately 319 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2021. That number is expected to increase to over 376 billion per day by 2025 as businesses scramble to compete for inboxes.2. EDM is effectiveDespite the disruptions in society and marketing over the past few years, email still is the primary means of marketing. Related data shows that for 39% of marketers, email effectiveness remains stable in 2020, and 30% report a slight improvement. 3. Lower cost EDM costs less than other forms of marketing, such as advertising. Without many employees, designers, data analysts, or executives, it is easy to design a stylish EDM email through professional templates. The lower cost allows you to contact customers more frequently. Presenting information on social media depends on the benevolence of algorithms. Frequent changes often mean marketers reach a smaller percentage of their audience. With email direct marketing, you have more control over your email list and are guaranteed that your email deliverability is not compromised —— at least every recipient will receive your email.
"Email marketing is the best way to build long-term relationships with customers and convert leads into customers. That's because it's much easier to reach subscribers in the inbox, compared to social media," says Liz Willits, founder of Content Phenom.
4. Email helps retain customersUnlike other channels that primarily focus on customer acquisition, EDM is a great tool for acquiring and retaining customers. Thanks to the automation of EDM, businesses can build processes to continually re-engage customers and turn them into brand advocates. You can send blessing emails on birthdays or anniversaries and make your users become your friends in a short period with these warm EDM methods. 5. Easy to test effectCompared with traditional advertising forms, EDM is easier to evaluate marketing effectiveness and customer engagement. You can easily see from the report: which links the customer clicked on, which typography the customer prefers, and which promotional content the customer likes. Through data, you can more easily understand their preferences, engagement, and easily observe the entire customer life cycle.
How to do EDM?
“You should be clear that an EDM strategy does not differ from any other marketing strategy —— whether it’s content, growth or product marketing. Without a list growth strategy, you do not know what your goals are. EDM isn’t just about messaging your customers wherever you like. It’s about sending thoughtful, conscious and valuable information to your customers at the right time,” said Sara Du, co-founder and CEO of Alloy.
1. Set goalsBefore embarking on an EDM strategy, consider what are the major goals of your business today. Want more leads, lower abandonment rates, increased lifetime value, or more subscriptions?Your goals determine the actions you should take. For example, if you notice a high abandonment rate in your shopping cart, set up automated abandonment emails to recover some lost sales, or review your existing processes to see if optimizations are needed.2. Choose the right toolSelect the appropriate tool to create and send the emails to a specified list of email addresses. 3. Define your audience There's a saying that makes sense: "If you sell to everyone, you sell to no one."More accurate segmentation of email targets audiences based on customer information, geographic, psychological and behavioral data. EDM efforts based on this will get better results. 4. Build a listBecoming a regular in someone’s inbox opens up countless opportunities for businesses. But getting an email address and permission can be a headache for marketers, which is why a lot of software and websites require an email address when registering. Rewarding customers can help you get email addresses and expand your mailing list. 5. Map each stage of the customer journeyDifferent stages of the customer journey require different email approaches. Dissecting each stage and defining what types of emails you should send, and when, will give you a clear picture of the overall email experience. And you can also implement different EDM strategies based on different stages of your customer.6. Determine the format and frequencyMaking the perfect email requires specification and art. Businesses can choose different formats, fonts, colors, and text sizes. In most cases, email design is one way to stand out and convey your message in a memorable way. A high-quality email design can not only help you stand out in a crowded inbox but also grab readers’ attention, convey your message, and guide customers to see what’s behind the CTA button.Another thing to consider is your email frequency. Frequency can significantly affect your engagement rate. Sending too much can bore customers, while sending too little can make them forget, so plan wisely.7. Test different elementsEvery EDM campaign offers plenty of testing opportunities. From theme, content, length and visual effects, to CTA buttons, styles, design and personalization. You can mix and match these elements and see what works best for your target audience.8. Optimize your strategyEDM is a fluid process that involves a lot of experimentation and implementation-side modification. That’s why tracking results, analyzing performance, and optimizing the process have become integral parts of an EDM strategy. According to the existing data, you can repeatedly adjust the optimization to achieve the expected effect of the strategy. 9. Performance monitoringTo make data-driven decisions, you need to monitor email performance. Besides metrics such as click through rate (CTR), email open rate, and unsubscribe rate, you should also focus on email deliverability, sending reputation, and more. These elements are critical to the success of EDM. BrandAI-EDM helps you track the effect of emails and feedback data in a timely and effective manner. It also can help you adjust the content, form and frequency of emails in a timely manner to make the most suitable EDM strategy for you.